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The Borrowers

When Mrs. May’s conclusions are related to elements of the direct narrative and to the account of the Clocks’ life after the escape as it is presented in Afield, however, they become suspect. In the second book of the series, based on information Kate acquires partly from Arrietty’s diary, it is learned that the three Borrowers did not settle in the badger set or near the gaspipe, and they did not retrieve Mrs. May’s parcel; it was found by the Hendrearys. Mrs. May claims to have gained much of her information from the miniature Memoranda that had formed part of Arrietty’s library. But it is described early in Mrs. May’s direct narration as having blank pages, and nowhere is there any reference to Arrietty’s having written in it. Mrs. May suggests that her brother may have written in it and that both he and Arrietty formed their e’s in the same way. Yet in discussing the three days he was imprisoned by Mrs. Driver, she makes no reference to the boy’s having written, and one wonders how a boy who could barely read was able to write cursive letters as well as the more practiced Arrietty could. One evening, after her father has gone to visit Great-Aunt Sophy, the sherry-drinking, invalid owner of the house, Arrietty sneaks to the boy’s bedroom, where she learns that he has brought a letter from the Hendrearys.

What happened to the boy in the Borrowers?

After they are discovered, he tries to help them escape, but was caught by Mrs. Driver, and is kept locked in his room for several days until he can be sent back to India. He tells his sisters all about the borrowers. As an adult, he becomes a colonel and dies in battle on the North-West Frontier.

The plot can be divided into three sections, each of which centers on a major character being seen and contains a conflict as to whether or not the family should emigrate. The boy’s physical world is infinitely less circumscribed than Arrietty’s. Born in India, schooled in England, he knows, as he tells Arrietty, a great deal “about railway stations and football matches and racecourses and royal processions and Albert Hall concerts” . Nonetheless, he is the baby of his family, the only boy, and unlike his sisters he cannot read. Never a strong child, he has been sent to the great house to recover from rheumatic fever.

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Homily is uneducated, and Arrietty can get out of almost anything by telling her mother that she is writing in her diary because Homily wants Arrietty to be cultured. Homily overreacts about the prospect of emigrating and says she won’t go. That night Pod and Homily are awakened by their roof, a kitchen floorboard, being removed. Pod and Homily are frightened, but he is simply bringing dollhouse furniture to give to the family. Pod and Homily are soon at ease with the boy, and he begins to bring them gifts almost nightly.

  • In addition, while her parents initially oppose their friendship, the Boy begins to give them a series of toy-sized objects from around the mansion, leading to a golden-age of sorts for the Clocks.
  • In addition, Conrad Vernon, who is known for directing hit animated films such as Shrek 2, Monsters vs. Aliens, Sausage Party and The Addams Family, has officially entered negotiations to helm Universal’s The Borrowers reboot.
  • While the narration there, for the most part, records only Arrietty’s inner consciousness, when necessary, the narrator does not hesitate to move into other minds as well, including the alien one of Mrs. Driver, plotting to capture whoever has been engaging in petty pilfering in Firbank Hall.
  • And as Arrietty lies quietly in her darkened room, she hears her parents talk about the consequences of being seen.
  • Life is a struggle for the Clocks, who worry constantly about being discovered; their worst fears seem realized when Pod returns from one of his borrowing jaunts with the frightening news that he had been seen by a child.

The sitting room, kitchen, and bedrooms would occupy the stage, with lights falling and rising to emphasize where events were occurring. The dimness beyond would suggest the lengths of tunnels that lay between the rooms and the entrance; to one side would be the grating out of which Arrietty often looked. The attentive reader, like an audience in a theater, can see not only the details of the setting but the overall arrangement of the Clocks’ world. On the momentous day, after Pod has given Arrietty permission to explore outdoors, she is discovered by the boy who had seen her father. Clearly, the meaning and importance of The Borrowers does not depend on just one or even a few of the elements critics and reviewers have noted. It is not just a matter of a well-told, exciting story with believable characters; nor is it just the fact that these are informed by deeper structures. The novel is greater than the sum of its techniques, contents, and themes.

The Borrowers Afloat

Homily refuses to let the boy carry her, and before the other three can convince her, Mrs. Driver returns. The Clocks scurry back into their hole, and Mrs. Driver locks the boy in his room, intending to keep him there until he leaves the house in a few days.

The Borrowers

When a crooked lawyer takes over the Lender family’s house, he’s got to reckon with the borrowers therein, who launch a campaign to oust the invader and restore the home to its rightful tenants. Apart from her glimpses of the world through the grating, Arrietty’s only escape from under the kitchen floor is via books. Neither Pod nor Homily can read or write, but Arrietty teaches herself from their wallpaper and from the five “Tom Thumb” edition books that she owns.


The Borrower way of life is in keeping with what natural law and moral theology would prescribe for their condition. Book reviews cover the content, themes and worldviews of fiction books, not their literary merit, and equip parents to decide whether a book is appropriate for their children. The inclusion of a book’s review does not constitute an endorsement by Focus on the Family. Pod is an excellent borrower, but is presented as exceedingly cautious in comparison to his adventurous daughter.

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They experience a period of “borrowing beyond all dreams of borrowing” as the Boy offers them gift after gift. In return, Arrietty is allowed to go outside and read aloud to him.

The Borrowers Series

These little people, called The Borrowers, follow a code of being quiet, alert, cautious, and inconspicuous. But their cozy life is interrupted when ten-year-old Pete finds out about them and enlists their help in stopping a greedy lawyer from demolishing the house they all live in for an apartment complex. As the movie emphasizes, therefore, Borrowers necessarily live lives of profound isolation as well as secrecy.

The Borrowers

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