About Us


About Bait Al Mareeh Textile Trading L.L.C

The word “Bait” means “House” and “Mareeh” means “Comfortable in Arabic language; which collectively means “House of comfortability” in English. Therefore from the very start we have tried our level best to design products that can provide and ensure comfortability to the customers as much as possible. 

We believe that with no compromise on materials the level of comfortability can be increased. We try our level best to improve the customer experience of our products.


Our Vision

Our vision at Bait Al Mareeh is to become the best supplier of hospitality textiles across the globe. We started from United States of America  under the name of Snug America Enclosure and because of the continuous work in product research and development we have managed to achieve many targets over the years. Therefore we aim to keep the growth constant every year.